Luxury Property Services

Fimas International is equipped to supply you with sound professional financial guidance & advice
before, during and after the purchase of your property.

Luxury Property Services: We have an extensive portfolio of services designed to meet your individual needs.
We can connect you to reliable local artisans available to carry out your building projects, interior
design, pool installations or landscaping.

Luxury Property Services: Fimas International’s Staffing Services can offer highly qualified
professional villa staff either to complete your luxury holiday experience and allow you
the ultimate luxury – “peace of mind” or to maintain your home to the standard it
deserves. Our Concierge Service is available to assist you with your
requirements and smooth the way to a trouble-free vacation.

Luxury Property Services: From yachting to yoga… caviar to cars.

“ If you know what you are looking for, Fimas
International will know where to find it.”

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